Hello World !!

Hello world!!

I am a simple university student learning about the teachings of biochemistry, currently at a year one level.

Currently I am pursuing a Bsc in Biology and Chemistry at the UWI ( university of the west indies). You might also be interested to know that I am also currently taking on a job tutoring high school students in various fields from math to chemistry to geography. I also teach piano on the weekends, as a hobby, to younger kids. Generally one would say that I am a busy girl.

You’d think that at this stage in life, a youngster might have his/her life figured out. However I am not one of those blessed chaps who are aware of what their future calling may be.  I am currently just enjoying learning, more about biology than chemistry, while exploring the ups and downs, but also joys of teaching and training other students, at a secondary school level.

When I first registered for my biochemistry course I thought, ” Yippee, another chemistry filled course to torture my poor soul.” Previously I had heard from others, that biochemistry entailed more chemistry than biology. Naturally I was anything but enthusiastic about having to write another course involving the subject from hell (chemistry). However from the second class, well first class and a day really, my attitude towards the course began to change.

If it’s one thing that I’ve learnt, especially while pursuing a major in chemistry, a subject I strongly detest, it is that you can achieve anything that you put your mind too. You just need to look at things in a particular way. Another prominent example of this, was displayed to me, yet again, in my first class, and the subsequent video follow ups after the first class. The teaching method, and approaches used in the course by the lecturer are quite noteworthy, and also allows the topic of biochemistry to be… well, less boring.

I must admit, that after attending two lectures and a tutorial, I am now eagerly anticipating the semester of biochemistry ahead, but more importantly, to explored the world of biochemistry, in a fun filled way that does, by no means, involve torture.